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Chilewich Mixed Weave Table Mat

Chilewich Mixed Weave Table Mat
Brand: Chilewich
Product Code: 100396-002
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Chilewich Mixed Weave Table Mat
Place of origin: USA
Manufactured by: Chilewich
Size: 14 x 19 inch

Tablemats--Bamboo, Basketweave, Mini-Basketweave, Mixed Strip, Engineered Squares, Lattice, Spun Brocade Woven and Tuxedo Stripe:
1.Be sure to store tablemats FLAT. Do not fold or allow them to crease.
2.Chilewich tablemats clean easily with soap and water. A damp cloth or a sponge is all that is necessary. PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend dishwasher or washing machine use.
3.Should a stubborn stain occur, woven vinyl is very durable and can withstand scrubbing with a bleach-based cleanser. This will remove the stain without altering the fabric.
4.Permanent stains may result when certain food or liquids are left on the tablemat for long periods before cleaning. This is more likely to occur with our lighter-color textiles.
5.Air dry.
6.Do not iron.

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